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Integrated Amplifiers

Trends Integrated Amplifiers

Using the latest class T audio amplifiers, the high performance and high efficiency means a great deal can be packed into a small space.

Trends Power Amplifiers

Using the same class T audio amplifiers, it is now easier than ever to drive speakers with multiple amplifiers, with great performance gains.

Valve Pre-Amp

Trends Valve Pre / Headphone Amp

Modern Compression calls for some careful treatment, and Valves are found to be an excellent way of producing high quality presentations from compresses Music, helping to reduce the harshness often generated as a result of the compression


Trends USB DAC

Get your music into a useable format with this small DAC - for the ultimate in smooth Power Supplies, this has an option for battery power.


Trends Audio Cables

Join everything together with high quality cables: Phono to Phono, 3.5mm Jack to Phono and 3.5mm Jack to Jack. Options for Oxygen Free Copper or Silver interconnects.

The original and still the best. Trends Audio offer high performance amplifiers in miniature packages. Ideal to improve the sound output of your computer system iPod or television.

Bundle deals

Drive your speaker Bi-Amplified - all you need for superb audio quality and more.

Power Amplifiers Bundle Deals